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The colour of the Soglio quartzite has a subtle effect and through its unique pattern, it has that certain something. It is a natural stone used in horticulture, building construction, interior design, civil engineering and in the restoration of old buildings.

It is beloved as a building stone, as a solid block in the form of panels for flooring, as a natural stone tile for indoor use, as cladding as well as for all individual work. Floors, walls, stonewalls, windowsills, kitchen coverings, sinks, fountains, gravestones - the possibilities are almost limitless.

The character of the Soglio quartzite欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Origin and quarry欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Soglio quartzite is, as the name implies, a quartzite, which is at home in Soglio - in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden.

Material properties欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

An intense slate texture characterises the Soglio quartzite, its shades of grey tone varying from light to dark.

Surface finish欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

The surface of the Soglio quartzite can be worked by brushing, flaming, hammering, polishing, sandblasting, grinding, splitting or satinising.

Areas of application欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

The Soglio quartzite is a popular natural stone for horticulture, building construction, civil engineering, interior work or restoration of old buildings.