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Natural stone has got many facets and is a guarantor for authenticity and stability. Its field of application is enormous and stands in accordance with nature. No matter where. We would be happy to present you ideas and show you what effects different ways of processing and different techniques of fitting may have.

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Limestone, sandstone, marble or granite are real natural talents and lay the foundation for a noble and cosy ambiance.

Inner Walls欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Walls that are faced with natural stone stand for a piece of nature in your apartment – no matter of what stone your dream of living is made.

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Pristine, genuine and timeless. Natural stone creates a direct relation to nature and promises a maintenance free and long lifetime.


Natural stone is an unbeatable design material for kitchen areas concerning hygiene, look and stability of value.


Stones in the bathroom area, such as granite and marble, embellish with a warm and elegant aura and score with easy maintenance.


Natural stone stairs are significant style elements of architecture and are often used as clever room dividers.


An open fire in a natural stone fireplace exudes romance and comfort. Not to mention its timeless sensuality.

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We do not only execute usual works, but we also deal with special wishes.

Soglio Quartzite欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

The subtle, predominantly grey-white Soglio quartzite is beloved far beyond the country's borders.

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Natural stones are generally defined as all stones that can be found in nature. Natural stones are excavated in stone quarries and afterwards they are cut to measure and processed according to the different surfaces in stone-processing enterprises such as the natural stone enterprise Cuorta Bau GmbH. Unevenness, colour differences and embeddings cannot be avoided with natural stones and give finally also the particular charme to this material.

The possible designs of the stone surfaces of natural stones depend on different factors. For example on the stone family, the thickness of the material, the character of the different minerals in the stone, customer requirements etc. Natural stone has got a wide spectrum of colours and surfaces that cannot be reached by any synthetic material. And: Natural stones with the same or with similar appearance may have very different technical properties.


The use of natural stone in building and construction has got many advantages. Here you can find some of them:

  • Natural stone is anti-allergic
  • Cigarette ash leaves no traces on it
  • Natural stone is extracted in an energy-saving way
  • Natural stone is incombustible
  • Natural stone is resistant to abrasion
  • As a natural substance natural stone can be disposed without any problems

A big advantage of natural stone compared to other materials is that extraction and processing of natural functional stone needs considerably less energy input than for other materials (e.g. ceramic tiles). That’s why natural stones also make sense in an ecological way.


In stone-processing enterprises such as Cuorta Bau GmbH the raw natural stone blocks are sawn by special saws into stone slabs of about two to four centimetres. Afterwards the sawn slabs are smoothed respectively polished.

After this working process the slabs are brought to the corresponding size concerning width and length by stone cutters. We are anytime open to regard any customer requests concerning processing of natural stone slabs.


The natural stones that are mainly used nowadays in Europe mostly come from India, China, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Scandinavia. The biggest extraction area is situated around Rustenburg in South Africa where the commercial variety Impala is extracted.

The natural stone enterprise Cuorta Bau GmbH gets its stones mainly from Italy, if desired and according to demand however also from other countries from all over the world.

With the expansion of the company, Cuorta Bau GmbH to the quarry in Soglio (Switzerland), where the popular Soglio quartzite is directly mined and processed, in addition the demand for this natural stone can be served exclusively.

Types of natural stone

We offer more than 100 different kinds of natural stones in different colours and of different nature. Numerous ways of processing and grinding guarantee many individual design possibilities. Our company manufactures almost everything from natural stone that may be produced with it. The typical classics are quarry stone and dry-stone walls (for interior areas), stonework masonry, kitchen worktops, coverings of bathrooms, swimming pools, floors, stairs and fireplaces. On request we are of course also able to realize other objects.

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