Soglio Quartzite欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Swiss beauty.


Lay the foundation
for comfort.

Inner Walls欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Nature in
your home.

Outer Walls欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Epitome for a
beautiful cover.


Elegant refining.


A clear line between
two floors.


Water in the rock.

Natural Stone – fascinating and timeless欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Outside and inside. For centuries natural stone has embellished and connected highest quality with unique design possibilities. This is the basis of our trade and therefore we process, deliver and lay the stone that you are looking for.

Whether marble, granite, ceramics or Soglio quartzite. As the only natural stone factory in the Engadine, we are on site for you and your competent manufacturing works. In addition, we have been operating our Soglio quartzite quarry since 2018 with a workshop in Soglio/Bergell. With this expansion of our company, we can exclusively serve the demand of our customers for the coveted natural stone for various interior and exterior work.

We are at your disposal for samples, quotations, all questions and information. Call us or visit us personally in Celerina.

Cuorta Bau GmbH – Natural Stone Enterprise – Soglio quartzite quarry欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载


The mining and processing of the coveted Soglio quartzite takes place in our exclusive quarry in Soglio.

Soglio Quartzite欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

The Soglio quartzite is a Swiss natural stone that impresses with its appearance and properties and can be used in diverse ways.


In our manufactory our specialists use quality tools and complex processing and grinding techniques.

Natural Stone欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

Natural stone has got many facets and is a guarantor for authenticity and stability. Its field of application is enormous and stands in accordance with nature.

Stone Laying欢乐彩票最新版下载,高兴彩票官网,高兴彩票下载

We are specialized in laying stones for indoor and outdoor building alterations and will be happy to advise you without obligation on your wishes and the possibilities.


We’re not only able to provide your desired tiles, we are also specialized in laying different types of tiles and mosaic.